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eCommerce Marketing Experts

We know what it takes to run a business. Running a storefront online is no different. You have to manage inventory, track sales, stay in touch with customers and keep it all organized, in the amount of time you can afford. Whether selling artwork or instruments, cars or office supplies, we provide a simple, flexible custom eCommerce solution based on XTC, with the powerful tools & plugins you need to manage your own online store in minutes.

Along with complete custom website design to make your store stand out, we can program the features and functions to work the way you want them to, from the ground up.

We stay with you after the project is complete, providing hosting and maintenance to our website design customers at affordable rates. We take the hassle out of doing business online!

Websites with eCommerce storefronts require a unique approach to online marketing, which is our speciality. eCommerce owners have many options when considering marketing:

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  • Search engine optimization for improved natural rankings
  • Pay per click marketing for instantaneous results and market testing
  • Affiliate marketing for commission based incentives (Banners, Text Links)
  • Product feeds (like Froogle and Google Product Search)
  • Social media marketing, and more.

We help you as an eCommerce client to sort through the maze of which marketing avenues best fit their business model and implement campaigns that generate quick and consistent growth in online sales.

We specialize in Custom eCommerce Websites – let us help you get your store online! [styled_link link=’http://esellsmedia.com/contact/’ type=’form’]request a quote[/styled_link]

eBay Shops

eBay has the customers, you have the goods, we have the know-how, the technology and the design
eBay offers dealers an exceptional sales channel, regardless of whether you’re just starting your e-commerce business or are looking to expand your business. The eBay shops give you the option to customise your portrait as a seller. Far and above categories or clickable banners, we are able to offer you practically everything that you would expect from an online shop.

One particular emphasis of our service is optimising the entire shop and the product templates. The layout is congruent with the items as well as with your shop area, that is to say, in the eBay shop categories as well as on the About me and company-specific pages. This enables your customers to navigate through the site easily, to have a memorable shopping experience and to sample your branding.


In order to fully use our eBay shop designs and templates, you need to have an eBay Basic Shop and an order processing and uploading software with template capabilities, such as ChannelAdvisor. (Inkfrog, Vendio, Marketplaceadvisor and Magento stores with eBay connector are all alternatives)

Examples of eBay shops:

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[styled_link link=’http://esellsmedia.com/contact/’ type=’form’]request a quote[/styled_link]

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